5 Homeschool Methods to Choose From In 2020

These days, homeschooling has grown in popularity, and many more are choosing to homeschool over a public or private school education. One of the biggest challenges when just starting out is choosing from all the different homeschool methods available.

Homeschooling is an exciting – but sometimes intimidating – decision a parent could make for their child’s education.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or you are looking for new homeschool methods to try with your children, we’ve got you covered! 

Before you research homeschool methods…

When making the decision to homeschool, there are many different styles of homeschooling to choose from.

The information can sometimes be overwhelming when you are new, and choosing what is best for your kids can seem like an impossible choice. 

The following list of different ways to homeschool will simplify your options and help you make the right choice that works for your family.

Before you make any decisions on how you are going to homeschool, create a list of desires and expectations for your new homeschool.

Decide how much time you would like to spend each day or week homeschooling, how much time should be independent learning, and how much you can devote to instructional learning.

Basically, map out exactly how you want the perfect homeschooling day to look, before you jump into choosing your ideal homeschool method.

Homeschool Method #1

Traditional Homeschooling

tradidional homeschool methods, classical homeschool methods

With traditional homeschooling, this homeschool method works pretty much the same way public school works. You choose a set of curriculum for each childs grade level.

Many curriculum’s come with a teachers guide that provides you the answer keys, teaching techniques, and daily schedules. 

When looking at different types of curriculum, some factors you might take into consideration will be 

  1. Cost
  2. Religious based vs secular 
  3. Difficulty level

You may even want to mix and match different curriculums. Maybe you love the math curriculum from one, and the science curriculum from another! That is perfectly fine to combine different curriculum to meet your student’s needs.

Keep in mind some curriculum’s recommend you purchase the entire set, because each subject may correlate with each other.

Check out this list of home-school curriculum to get you started

Homeschool Method #2

Online School

Online schooling is similar to public school as well, but it is all online.

Programs such as K12 and Connections Academy provide all the curriculum and lesson plans for a fee.

Some online schools have teachers that will lead the course work, while others may have a more independent approach to teaching. 

Online schooling may be one of the best homeschool methods for single and/or working parents.

Homeschool Method #3

DIY Homeschool

eclectic homeschool methods

For those on a budget, this may be a great choice for you!

Instead of purchasing an expensive curriculum or paying for an online program, you can design your own curriculum with a variety of resources that are fee are low cost. 

Some resources you can consider to create your own curriculum: 

  1. Your local library 
  2. Free printable worksheets 
  3. Online learning programs such as Starfall and ABCMouse 
  4. Creating your own printables and worksheets 
  5. Local homeschooler events, field trips, and classes

Homeschool Method #4


Unschooling is a child-led way of education, with little to no formal curriculum in place.

With unschooling, you can educate your child in a more hands on way and in areas of their own personal interest.

You can teach your child math by having them help with meal planning and shopping. You can go on nature walks for science, read a book on a topic they are interested in learning for social studies, and so on.

Take Your Time

There are many other ways to educated a child at home. These are the basic ways to get you started. 

If you aren’t sure which style is right for you, feel free to try them all out and see what works best. Maybe one of your children is more self disciplined and does best with an online program, while another thrives with unschooling. 

The choice is yours! Don’t forget to check your states homeschooling laws to make sure you are doing what your state requires for homeschooling. 

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